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The Morgan Silver Dollar was a coin minted sporadically by the United States between the years of 1878 and 1921. These silver dollars have become popular among silver collectors and traders as they are easily identifiable and verifiable as real silver. They were the first standard silver dollars minted since the minting of the Seated Liberty coin.

Morgan Silver DollarThe Morgan dollars were minted in response to the Bland-Allison Act. This act required Congress to purchase a certain amount of silver and to have this silver minted into coinage on a scheduled basis. The coins were minted until 1921, when the design was replaced by the Peace dollar later that year.

In 1960, a large number of the Silver dollars were discovered in US Treasury vaults and were sold to the public at face value. Many of the coins from the vaults were considered of rare mintage, so this discovery sent a shock wave through the world of numismatics and coin collecting.

The coins are 90% silver and as such will often sell for less than the current spot price of silver bullion. However, the numismatic value of many of these coins will set their price at far higher than the current spot price. In addition, the condition of the coin can have a marked effect on its value. Coins that are uncirculated are worth far more than coins that have been in circulation and demonstrate wear and use.

Many collectors of Morgans seek to collect a coin from each year and coins from each mint that produced them. The complete collection is very valuable and sought after by many collectors.

Morgan Silver Dollars can be purchased from local coin shops as well as coin shows and antique fairs. There are many businesses online that sell the dollars along with other silver and gold bullion.

Auction sites such as Ebay are another good source of Morgan dollars, but the buyer should beware to keep an eye out for fakes.

If there is any question about the authenticity of a coin, it should be taken to a local numismatist for assessing.

The best way to avoid purchasing fake coins on auction sites is to only purchase from reputable sellers with a proven tract record and positive sales rating.

1921 was a very big year for silver dollar coins in general, but in this article we are going to focus on the 1921 Morgan silver dollar and the situations that transpired that make this year stand out for this coin a lot more than some of the other years that it was minted.

The reason why this topic is so interesting is that the Morgan silver dollar was taken out of the rotation so to speak from the years 1905 to 1920. But then it was brought back in and minted again during the year 1921, but it was only minted during this one year for one last time.

One really cool thing about the 1921 Morgan silver dollar, and Morgan silver dollars in general, is that they are an extremely popular coin so many people really like them and there really aren’t many coins that compare to them as far as popularity goes.

The only other coin that is probably more popular than the Morgan silver dollar would be the Lincoln cent.

So you can only imagine just how much value there will be placed on silver dollars of this very nature, and why they are obviously going to be an excellent investment opportunity and a really cool coin collecting opportunity all wrapped into one.

One of the outstanding things about the 1921 Morgan silver dollar is the size of this particular coin.

For some reason they decided to go with a very large size during this final year of the coins being minted, and they also changed up the design which makes it very unique and very specific which is obviously something coin collectors are interested in because it also makes this coin very rare when compared to some of the other years that Morgan silver dollars were minted.

So it’s only a good thing that the people at the US mint, and George T. Morgan himself, decided to change up the size and design of this very specific coin.


If you are into coin collecting then you realize there is a lot of speculation going on about which will be the five most valuable Morgan silver dollars.

This is understandable because you’ll obviously want to invest your money in the right choices so that you can fully capitalize on your investments and make a nice profit for yourself while enjoying the hobby of coin collecting all at the same time.

It’s very rare when you can mix a hobby with an investment opportunity and get full benefits in both areas.

And this is one of those rare times so I hope you truly enjoy coin collecting and all of the true value that buying Morgan silver dollars will actually bring you.

The coins that are ready to continue to go up in value, from the perspective of Morgan silver dollars, are these particular years they were minted: 1895, 1892-CC, 1894, 1878-CC, and the 1883-CC.

There was a very specific analytical approach used to predict that these coins will be the top five in value.

So you can either take this investment advice seriously or ignore it if you don’t feel like it’s worthy of your time.

I really can’t control the way you think so I might as well just lay your options out in front of you right now instead of trying to hide what they are.

There really is no point in hiding anything so that’s what you can do and I hope you make the right decision that will best benefit you and your financial situation.

Morgan silver dollars are very popular right now and they really do make excellent collector coins.

They first started minting this coin in the year 1878.

The reason why these coins are called Morgan silver dollars is they were named after the gentleman who originally designed them.

His name is George T. Morgan, and he is the creator of the silver dollar and the original designer who came up with the concept.

There is one other very specific form of Morgan silver dollars that basically deserves its own article.

And that is the year 1921 which was the final year that these coins were minted.

So look out for that article as well because it will be coming to you very soon.

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